WIMGA Annual Meeting

Thursday, December 3, 2020 - 6:30 PM


This year we the WIMGA annual meeting was held online! Since we haven’t been able to have a conference this year, we got together virtually. 175 people joined in. Becky Gutzman led the annual meeting with an update from Mike Maddox. Slides can be found on the resource page.


Where Is the Mute Button?!... and Other Tales from the Land of Virtual Learning

Amy Freitag presented a program on the below.


Our lives take place more online than ever before—virtual meetings, seminars and maybe even a social event since the pandemic changed our world. Master Gardener Volunteers are now exploring how to use virtual education and meetings as part of volunteer activities.


This presentation focuses on the best practices to prepare you to be an online instructor and learner in our online learning environments. We’ll discuss things ranging from Annotations to “Zoom bombs” to prep you for participating in the virtual space. Topics covered include preparation, logistics, tips for engagement and managing the group, and being a good online learner.

Annual WIMGA Conferences