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Speakers Bureau

Edibles: Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs etc.
Alpacas, Barrels & Composting. The ABCs of Sustainable Vegetable Gardening - Ellen Terwilliger
Starting Seeds for Beginning Gardeners - Ellen Terwilliger
Multiple Topics by Melinda Myers
Developing Community Gardens by August Hoffman
Developing Fruit Orchards by August Hoffman
Multiple Topics by John Holzwart
Multiple Topics by Megan Cain
Edible Perennials by Dora Wood
Seed Saving for Novices by Doreen Hamburg
Mushroom Growing 101 by Dora Wood
Mushroom Growing Workshop by Dora Wood
Garden Pests & Diseases
Level I Master Gardener Training: Plant Diseases
Advanced Master Gardener Training :Vegetable Diseases
Advanced Master Gardener Training: Diseases of Herbaceous Ornamentals
Advanced Master Gardener Training:Diseases of Evergreens
Advanced Master Gardener Training:The Science (and Art) of Plant Disease Diagnosis
Advanced Master Gardener Training:Growing Healthy Plants – Basics in Plant Disease Management
Advanced Master Gardener Training:Plant Diseases in History
Advanced Master Gardener Training:Signs and Symptoms Workshop
Advanced Master Gardener Training:Plant Disease Diagnostics Clinic Tour
Multiple Topics by Melinda Myers
Other Topics
Multiple Topics by Melinda Myers
Multiple Topics by John Holzwart
A Kinder, Gentler Garden by Mary Jo Fleming
Climate Change and Health by Bruce Krawisz, M.D.
Chickens 101 by Dora Wood
Gardening with Chickens by Dora Wood
Let it Rot by Becky Gutzman (Compost)
Preserving the Harvest by Becky Gutzman
English Gardens Outside London by Don Brill
Susan Mahr's Tour of Costa Rica by Don Brill
Gardens of Vancouver & Victoria BC by Don Brill
Seed Saving for Novices by Doreen Hamburg
Gardening from a SE Wisconsin Point of View-Take Time to Smell the Roses-Jeff Trader
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